i can’t afford headshots professionally, just took this and sent to a few modelling agencies, thoughts?
Currently don’t have the money to get headshots professionally however I do have a friend and a camera ,thoughts ?age range/character type?
The moment you realize your an idiot😢😯
When I saw this a had a big urge to post this.
In need of feedback for this headshot. Thoughts?
Thoughts on this headshot for theatre
Compiling some headshots from the last few months.
How photoshopped does my headshot look? Creating my first german CV and it's standard practice to put a headshot but I don't have the time/resources at the moment to get professional headshot photos so I just took it with my phone and edited it myself.
An image from my latest headshot session, first time shooting with mode being actress.
New to headshots. Any tips?
In Las Vegas
I often find parking garages to be ideal backgrounds. A recent headshot for an opera singer in Grand Rapids.
Headshot Feedback - Help me out
Feedback please.. Composition, colour, edit etc etc
Thoughts on this for a Theatrical Headshot?
Led lightning using quasar science leds
A new and exciting headshot using quasar science lighting and Nikon D850
Corporate headshot from my latest work.
Had my headshots done recently, thoughts?
My name is Zachary Snow... Keep Watch
It's always excited developing a new photography skills. This one is from last week and I am STOKED on how it turned out.
Outdoor Headshot (Sony A7R
Acting Headshot
Behind the scenes video of a corporate headshot session. http://www.lumosia.co.uk
What kind of role would you cast me based on my headshot
Linkedin headshot advice?
As an absolute beginner, I seek constructive feedback. My gf does not like this image because she sees herself as a "12 years old" on the pic. Please tell me if she is right and how could I take the photo differently next time.
Location Headshot
A moody Location headshot
Headshot brand feedback...Please fill out my 2 minute google survey... Thanks!
I’m always looking for the right background. Sometimes it’s a parking lot.
Pushed the edit a bit on this one. He’s an indie film director and I wanted a bit of an edge to the look.
Black and white with a smile. Casual business.
It’s rare I use center framing but in this case I preferred it. Shot this summer in my parking lot.
I am not a professional, I am a hobbyist. But I got offended when someone said my pictures were inferior. Is it that bad?