Shred away, critics!

In a perfect world.

How do you achieve this kind of style(exaggerated shadow)?

Trying out cinema color grading and cropping. Wanted to get that screen grab look!

I want to create a similar filter in Lightroom

Cyan-Orange vibes

Before and after edit using Lightroom. I tried to transform the original photo into a cinematic moody scene.

Lighting setup/editing on England squad portraits

Feedback and advice on my night photo + edit?

I feel like there's something wrong with the shaddow in this photo. I'd appreciate any inputs

Two Different Looks, What Do You Like More?

Help decode camera's processing method

Does anyone know how to take pictures like this image?

Midnight vibes in Kaunas, Lithuania

How to add transparent shapes to an image in Photoshop

Thoughts on this edit? Still learning and developing my style.

I hate this image, I'm finding it really difficult to work with, could I get some advice?

Open for criticism and tips. I just want to know what you would do

Walking around Amsterdam when the shrooms kick in

Trying to go for that washed out look that George Muncey from Negative Feedback does. What am I doing wrong?

Super moody and gloom landscape effect?

Before and after transformation using Picsart and Lightroom mobile apps

My first real photoshop project. I would love some creative criticism and tips for improvement!

The difference editing makes. Same girl. Same pose. Different photographer / Editor

Anyone know how to achieve these tones ? I’m a fan of them and would like to recreate them in a shoot I’m doing soon

Tried to do a muted-soft-neutral color look. Troughts?

"Lost In Your Trance" Retouch Process

First attempt at floating photography. How did i do?